Sorry Been Out For So Long — Tragedies & Sadness Pt. 1

Hey readers and other blogger on WordPress. I’m not sure anyone will ever actually see this post but… I’m thinking maybe, just maybe someone will.

Things have gone from bad to worse in my household. I’m going to try and explain as clearly as possible without going into so many details, but bear with me.

I only just found out today that my siblings, mom, and myself might end up homeless — in the mountains of the Tennessee wilderness, with the cooling autumn season just around the corner.

We’ve done everything we can to try and find a place to live — but nobody seems to care, not even my grandmother who — after 3 years is abandoning us to the streets because she feels it’s time for her to move on with my uncle.

I never thought that someone — especially a close family member would do that to her own daughter and grandchildren? It hurts. It makes me depressed.

No homeless shelter will take us. And no public housing I available. My mom nor I can find a job in the area we live. We’ve applied for nearly everything — to no avail.

We can’t get any type of assistance from any of the agencies because of my father (who doesn’t really care about us either — I know that is heard a lot, but it’s so true and I love my mom even more for trying to make things work between them before she decided she couldn’t fix what was truly broken.) He puts in child support for my siblings and myself — but only when he wants too.

I know a public blog is no place to air out the sadness and depression that a young adult might be feeling — but I honestly have nothing else to turn to at this time. And I’m not asking for anything but a pair of eyes or anything to read and possibly understand. I know the world out there is no easy place, and I’m not looking for an easy ride. I’m just looking for hope. For something to look forward too, because at this moment — there is nothing in my eyes. There’s nothing within me but worry on where my family will be sleeping in a weeks time — where we might end up or what might happen. The future is unforeseen and unforeseeable and at this time terrifying for me.

I honestly don’t think I have anything left. And I know my mom who gets extremely sick sometimes by just stepping outside into the humid air — I know she won’t make it out on the streets — and I know my younger siblings won’t, especially my eight year old sister.

My only question in all this is how has the world? How has the country — the place that is supposed to protect us and for us to call home — gotten like this?


I don’t know what to do anymore — I’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked or seems foreseeable to work in the near future.

I hope things can be turned around. I’m praying for a miracle. I hope some type of miracle comes true.

I hope that somehow this bad situation — this scary situation can somehow look up. And I say this to any who care, or any who listen or have been in this situation — even in all this maybe somehow, someway, we can all make a change starting with ourselves — and once we get out of the rock and hard place we’ve been put in we need to put back and help others in the same situation. But I feel I’m part of the minority when it comes to wanting to help my family first — and then when I know we’re stabilized — help others that are finding themselves also homeless.

I tell myself to stay strong. And I keep praying things will look up. Wish my luck readers, bloggers, and Internet friends. Maybe with enough prayers and enough wishes — something will change and I’ll pray for change for a tragedy in your life as well.

Until next time,



Insane, Crazy and Hectic

Wow. What a month this has been. If it’s not internet issues it’s randomized craziness that happen in everyday life that makes everything seem almost impossible. I know I’ve said this a lot in the past, it’s so true though, I’m sure there’s many out there that get the same feeling sometimes. It can sometimes make you feel like everything is piled on you but you just can’t seem to find enough hours in the day (or night in some cases) to get everything finished and completed. But never fail is a good way to keep going, just relax as best you can and keep moving and keep going forward. That’s my goal. Hope to be able to get some work done in the coming days now that spring break has ended. Wish me luck.



Hello Blog World!

Hello to the Blog world out there. I know I have been slacking on the uptake of posting and my goal in the coming month is to not slack at all in posting at least one post a dat. Be it a quote, a hello, a ramble or maybe if I (and my readers out there, I know there are a few of you) a writing post here and there. So since the new month starts soon here’s to staying on track and good luck on my goal for the new month. 🙂 Wish me luck.

Life. Is. A. Scary. Object

Well, I’m back with an update that a hectic life can sometimes get in the way. I know everyone has had a hectic day or two in life, so I take careful thought on that knowing and being glad that well, I’m not the only one that life gets crazy on. I don’t know what holds in the future but I hope to update with more interesting things, unfortunately, hectic life doesn’t always make that easy. So, here’s to wishing me good luck in future posts that aren’t boring or just random rambles. lol.

More I hope to come soon! And with all the good luck wishing here’s to everyone else some good luck as well!

Until next time.