Lost Dreaming

The other evening the fog had rolled in. It was so thick the street lights looked like pinpoints of light from a dim flashlight. It was a beautiful sight and I wish I had gotten some photos of it. That evening when I finally went to sleep after a very late night working on editing I had a dream that seemed embedded in mind of the fog.

It was an interesting dream — which is why I’m recounting it here.

It started out as most of my dreams do. In a dark ambient type atmosphere, it was night — or at least dusk, and the fog was all around. I was on this long twisting road, with two people I didn’t recognize but I assume they must’ve been somehow, the book characters from my novel. They surely looked like them, but they didn’t speak — not a single word.

So as I looked around the fog bank — I realized the road we were on was a road that lead to the house I lived at when I was a child. It was strange because there were no cars, no sounds, nothing but the fog. So, I turned and began to walk the road — the two other people following me. As I walked the road though, I soon realized I was carrying a lantern, that seemed to be powered by some strange golden light, it was to keep ‘those in the fog’ away from us. I was told this by the one person I was with, that looked strikingly how I imagined the character in my novel named Serenity. I only nodded — holding the lantern out in front of me to keep part the fog as we walked.

The atmosphere was strangely tranquil. It was strangely silent, and while creepy — it was also somehow calm and peaceful. It was very strange. As we walked however, we soon got to a place I recognized as the small gas station on a flat stretch of the mountain road. But nobody was around — there were no cars and no life anywhere. At this point it began to take on a very Silent Hill like feeling. Not creepy however, but that feeling of being alone — with an ominous feeling around us in the fog.

We began to walk again, but soon stopped a ways up the road — and I noticed the landscape around wasn’t black and silhouetted like most landscapes in the fog. The colors of the trees and the world around was dark blue and indigo. I squinted in the fog however as I turned from our destination. I then saw that coming from the fog was my mom and sister, and they seemed to be running from something. “Those in the fog,” they said, pointing behind them. I told them that the lantern would help keep them away from us, whoever they were.

I looked beyond them — but saw nothing in the fog but the swirls of gray and white. Everything was white as it came around us thick in sheets of light gray, almost like smoke. I turned to ask them something, when a sound almost like nails on a chalkboard came through the air. I saw in the fog — something large and gray, the same color as the fog standing a ways away from us. I held the lantern out as my sister yelled, “Those in the fog!” and then I woke up.

It was a very strange dream. I’ve been thinking on what it may mean — but so far haven’t had much luck with an interpretation. But I’ve never been very good at those anyways. The one dream that I had the same night has me worried about the laptop we’re renting dying and not coming on. Anytime I’ve had a dream about an electronic deciding not to work it’s come true. I honestly hope that this one doesn’t come true this time. It would truly be a nightmare, rather than a dream.

Anyways, I just thought about sharing it. If anyone has any ideas or interpretations on what dreams mean or fog in dreams let me know in the comments. 🙂

Oh, and happy Friday the 13th! 🙂

Until the next post,