Happy New Year’s!

Hoping everyone has a cheerful and Happy New Year! 🙂

Here’s to good luck in the new year 2014 and may everything of old be brought to an end and the beginning of the new come in stride and joy.

Everyone have a happy and safe New Year.

Best wishes and luck,



Graceful Music of Sounds Poetry

So. I know I haven’t been writing a whole lot the last few days but after holiday things can sometimes be just as hectic if not more hectic than the holidays themselves, and well, sometimes you lose track of time. 😀 Anyways, I’ve been listening to a lot of new interesting music lately mostly alternative and rock, nu metal, things like that and it’s all been very interesting and I really like it. But this is from someone who loves hearing new music and any kind of music. I like the discovery of new things and different things.

I know it’s a random thought and post, but sometimes mindless ramblings can be quite insightful I’ve found. 😀

Best wishes!


T. W. W.

Merry Christmas

Well, the day has finally come and is now drawing to a close for another year. It was good, and I hope that the year to come will be slightly slower than this year seems to have been.

One can surely wish. I hope that all had their wishes fulfilled and their happiness over filled on this cheerful Christmas day, and here’s to another come and passing Christmas and may there be many more to come with many memories to be made. 🙂


Merry Christmas. 😀


T. W. W.

December 21st – Happy Winter Solstice!

Hello to all! It’s finally December 21st, the Longest Night of the year and the Winter Solstice and it was a busy one for me. With Christmas baking and just spending the day doing last minute things. It made it a okay day as far as how many of my past days have gone.

This day was interesting where I am at currently because for the first day of marking winter it was warm and felt almost like a early spring day, which was a good joke of the day. However, the warm weather won’t last I’m afraid and another winter storm (the actual first of the winter season 😉 ) will be heading this way soon I hear and while some (maybe even most) are excited about it, I do prefer me a nice mild winter.

Everyone usually hopes for a white Christmas, and it seems that many will be getting that, which can be exciting. 😀

Well wishes on this First Day of Winter and Longest Night, and more well wishes to the Christmas season (or whatever holiday you may celebrate!) and I hope everyone has a happy, safe and warm holiday season and good luck and good fortune going into another New Year.


Warm and Happy Holidays From,

T. W. W.   🙂

December 20th- Day Before Winter Solstice

It’s Friday the 20th and the day before the Longest Night of the year, also known as Winter Solstice. It’s a time I look forward too because after the longest night the days slowly begin to get longer and after that, warmer. It’s a day for celebrating the coming of the spring and summer sun. And the warmth of the seasons changing, it’s a exciting day at least for me.

I know it doesn’t mark something special for everyone but for those that it does Happy Pre-Winter Solstice, and I hope everyone has a good day with whatever it may bring, and tomorrow I’ll try and do a post to mark the day itself.