Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Hope everyone out there has a happy and safe Saint Patrick’s Day. 🙂


Insane, Crazy and Hectic

Wow. What a month this has been. If it’s not internet issues it’s randomized craziness that happen in everyday life that makes everything seem almost impossible. I know I’ve said this a lot in the past, it’s so true though, I’m sure there’s many out there that get the same feeling sometimes. It can sometimes make you feel like everything is piled on you but you just can’t seem to find enough hours in the day (or night in some cases) to get everything finished and completed. But never fail is a good way to keep going, just relax as best you can and keep moving and keep going forward. That’s my goal. Hope to be able to get some work done in the coming days now that spring break has ended. Wish me luck.



What a Week

Wow. What a week that I know I haven’t posted much. With spring in the air things are beginning to warm up in the air and in the drama department (haha).I hope here soon to have more time to attend to my neglected blog. Between school, writing and other personal issues it’s hard to find a balance that I’m still striving to find. I won’t give up and I know eventually if I try hard enough I’ll prevail in my goal. So, I just keep trying. 😀

With me luck, my dear readers and fellow bloggers! With me luck!


P.S. And also as a side note with Daylight Saving’s Time beginning today in fact (since it I after midnight where I am) things will get even more confusing. But, alas, we’ll find some assembly of order. 🙂