Deep Within, Embers of a Spark

Darkness blooms, a forbidden spark,

Beyond the days of old and new,

Beyond the years that all life sees through,

Beyond the graves of time and space,

And beyond the love, and infinite grace,

Life embers a fire within,

Deep inside, a wonder true,

Deep inside a wonder new.


(A little something I wrote. Hope everyone enjoys.)




Eternal Light, Infinte Grace

When I look at you

I see the stars,

The light of eternity,

In your eyes,

The promise of a look,

And the never ending smile,

Of your infinite grace.


Just a little poem I wrote, nothing really special. But nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoys it.

Winter Winds of Snow and Frost

The winter winds have come at last,

Bringing ice and snow with hastened blast,

The cold white of a snowy day,

Brings forth the shadow of gray,

In the deep and darkened sky,

Upon the breath of mortal warmth given,

The white of snow falls from the heavens,

Clouding the earth in an ethereal glow,

Of a cold and white, first winter’s snow.

(Not my best poem ever, but it kind of just came out, part rhyming part free verse, especially toward the end. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy it and more to come very soon. 😀 P.S. I didn’t do much editing on this one, so it could be said it’s a very raw and rough piece, but sometimes I believe anyways, that the emotion instated in pieces that are just very raw, show some of the best emotions underneath. After all, poetry doesn’t have to be perfect. 😉 )