Fairy tales & Fiction Stories

Writing can sometimes be some serious business. And especially when coming up with a world that fits the characters story and how they form to the world around them. With fairy tales it’s always interesting to me coming up with mythos for the creatures in the world around the main protagonist.

I enjoy writing a wide variety of stories. From fantasy to horror, romance to comedy. And sometimes, even mixing a little bit of it altogether. Mysteries. Thrillers. Suspense. It’s all amazing. It’s fun, it’s something I’ve always been very passionate about. However, even being passionate about writing, I don’t always have confidence in my writing. I know everyone improves as they practice on their preferred passion or art that they are drawn too.

But sometimes I feel things are to clich√©, and too repetitive and all those other writing¬†taboos that makes you feel like your writing the same thing over again. The writing rut is what I call it. I try to have variety in worlds and characters and things that carry the story along. Some themes overlap, but I try to always make each one that might be the same theme (mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, etc.) different from other things I’ve written in the same theme.

This post, as scattered and random as it may be, is to tell and let other writers out there know that even if you aren’t confident in your own writing, it’s okay. You’ll get better at it and be the best you can be. Practice makes perfect they say, and even if I may not be confident in my own writing right now, I know will some planning and practice I’ll get better and get where I wish to be with it. Trust in your ability and in yourself, and never give up! I know it might seem like the same old comforting words everyone uses but, it’s true. Never give up. Keep going. And don’t stop until you meet the goals you set for yourself, but make sure their small goals and you work your way up to the top of the line, because if you work hard enough and keep it up you’ll get there with some hard work and time and passion for what you love.


P.S. Today is the birthday of someone special to me, so here’s a happy birthday and I hope you had a good day!


East of the Sun, West of the Moon — the folktale

I’ve been doing some studying into old folktales and legends for not only enjoyment but research on how tales and stories have been passed down and how they’ve evolved and changed. My all time favorite story has always been Beauty and the Beast. And no, not because of Disney’s version, although it’s a good adaption I love the original maybe just a little more. One tale that stands out among them though, that is also a favorite of mine, is East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

I’m not quite sure what it is about the tale itself that draws you in, but it certainly does do that. Maybe it’s because the heroine isn’t afraid to go after the prince after she made a mistake, or maybe it’s just the mystery and the way it is written that takes you along on the journey with the characters. I’ve always wonder what would happen if there was a broader adaption on the characters themselves. I know there are some loose adaptations based off of it out there, and their all excellent in their own right and their own form.

I’ve always been a big fan of folktales and legends that deal in the magic and mystery of animal personification. It makes it interesting to know the character’s story, how did they become what they have? And more importantly, what must they do to redeem themselves? To become human again? It makes it all interesting in the writer’s point of view, or even the story tellers point of view.

If you haven’t read the story East of the Sun, West of the Moon and your a fan of Beauty and the Beast, or even if your not, read it. It stands on it’s own as a charming and captivating story of good vs. evil and happy endings with it’s own twist of magic. If you haven’t read it it’s a must read to those who enjoy fairytales as well as a good story that has heart.

Until next time!