Perseids Meteor Shower (and other possible news)

What a hectic month. School starting up for siblings, the seasons changing, etc, etc.

I’ve neglected my blog and it happens here and there, which is a shame, I started this hoping to post everyday or every other day. Seeing as that hasn’t exactly happened, I do try to post something when the mood strikes or when I can.

So tonight, I’m posting about the Perseid Meteor shower happening, in fact, right now.

It’s pretty cloudy outside my window; and the street lights don’t make it very easy to see, but I see one shoot by here and there. I wonder if making wishes upon shooting stars actually come true? Only one way to find out I suppose.

It brings back memories of staying up well past almost 4 am with my mom to film the total lunar eclipse when I was about eleven years old. It was freezing where we lived, but we sat out in the drive way with blankets, a thermos of coffee, the lawn chairs and the camera and filmed the whole thing.

It was lots of fun, taking turns holding the camera so the other could go inside and warm up their hands. Haha.

Also reminds me of setting out in the yard one night, listening to the night bugs sing a little after my birthday pretty late in the night, just to watch a meteor shower, similar to the one happening now. Only then they were shooting around the sky, it was amazing how many there were at once. Something I’ll never forget, for both good and bad reasons. However being in the past, it’s good to try and put the bad to rest, and only remember the good times.

Though I’m a firm believer that everything has to be balanced. I just wish that it seemed the good outweighed the bad more times then not. It seems to always find a way too, it just also seems to take forever in the balancing act.

And well, in other news here lately I’ve met a lot of interesting people, have had a lot of interesting conversations, and have watched most of them fade away. It’s funny, that we as humans get bored so easily with others of the species. The conversation starts out interesting and fresh but in most cases, more so then not, it always ends with someone becoming bored.

There are the rare cases though, that the conversation keeps going. Which, I hope in a few of my new friends is the case, but time will tell, and as always I’m keeping my cards close to my chest. I’ve been left behind far too many times to get cozy with it, to think, “Oh this person is amazing, I’m sure we’ll be friends for years to come.” Only to have them disappear within two days after the fact, or in some cases they turn weird on you, asking for nude photos or something else completely awkward. It makes me wonder why all guys turn out to be that way? Well, not all I’m sure, but the majority I’ve met through the inter webs and in person have all turned out that way. I always get the feeling when I decline is when things go sour, and more times than hasn’t that’s exactly what has happened. It’s sad, but not much can be done right?

Although, so far it has helped that most I talk to know prefer snail mail letter communication rather than email and text. Ugh. I hate text.

I know hate is a strong word, but texting is an unnecessary evil. Sure, it’s practical and it creates fast lines of communication, but ah…just something about it makes me completely uncomfortable, maybe it’s just me?

Of course, emailing may be easier since a few are in California (which is just awesome), one in UK, and then others spread out around the country. Oh and also, shout out to South Korea and Japan, too! 🙂 😀

Well, moving along I suppose, since I’m still working out my thoughts on the surreal experience of learning about other cultures and countries by those that experience it. Pretty amazing, and it sets up a good guide for when I will finally be traveling. Maybe I’ll even know some of them long enough that they can be my tour guides? 🙂 That would be cool, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Which seems to be something I do a lot and need to do less of.

Aside from meteors (yep their still out there, which is awesome just wish I still had my telescope D: Haha.) and meeting new people, making new friends; I’ve finally started writing again. Albeit, not greatly or by any means have I gotten much finished but there’s some stories I’m working on that I want to talk about, I just don’t have anyone to talk to about it right now. Which is one of the downsides of having mainly only snail mail friends, and when my emailing friend is bored with writing or really doesn’t give a crap about it, it can get lonely.

So, I’ll resort to talking about it on my blog, to people…who may or may not read this far. (I’m counting more on the latter though).

The titles for upcoming and ongoing stories are:

-Lord of the Wolves – (currently in the editing stages before it gets polished up and tied hopefully with a neat bow, but it’s going to take time. A lot of time.)

-The Revenir – (this one is a little trickier, I have to be in a certain mood and frame of mind to combat all the dark and evil happening in the grotesque world of cops, the newly reborn dead, and serial killers. It’s set in the same universe as Lord of the Wolves and some other stories, but it’s a lot…’darker’ than LotW.)

-Of Mischief + Mayhem – (this is a short story that came to me when a friend challenged me with a writing prompt. It takes place during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, when a bounty hunter that works for an unnamed Shadowman is hunting down those that are on a list. The bounty hunter however has a change of heart when he meets someone on the list that he doesn’t think did anything wrong, just found herself in a wrong place at the wrong time situation. Of course there’s more to it than that, mystery, action, maybe some sci-fi here and there, going to be cool. If and when it ever gets completed. Lol.) 🙂

-Saga of the Seven Sages – (Working title) – (this story was inspired by a dream and somethings I had been reading about the night and days after the dream. I won’t go into details here because it’s still in the early stages. But I will say it is a fantasy piece and it will have magic powers, possible demon like creatures and all sorts of crazy freaky things. The world of the Sages is going to be vast, diverse, and very, very dangerous, but I can’t wait to go on the journey with the protagonist, and her sister.) 🙂

-Dark as Ebony (Also a Working title) – (this one is a little lighter, it’s a romance, a comedy and a drama all in one. Based slightly and loosely on an idea my sister had and also partly on a dream I had, it follows the story of the Grim Reaper’s son, as he navigates the world trying to figure out his abilities, while working as the unofficial body guard of a famous actress and Hollywood lawyer’s daughter. And I’m sure many will know how it goes, partly, from there. It’s not like any romance/comedy/drama piece though, it’s got some weirdness too it, as most my writings have. And twist and turns that are, in all brutal honesty, probably suck, but it’s a challenge and I like challenging myself, and I’ve never written much romance by myself before. I hope it’ll be fun. :))

And there you have it! A small idea on what I’m working on, and what not. I didn’t even go into detail on the asylum story that a friend is now helping with a little on. I try to keep ideas opened, different things going at the same time. That way if one I get stuck on I always have others to choose from. I’m sure there’s other ones I’ve forgotten about, Haha. I’ll save those for another post though. 🙂

So until next time, and for those watching the meteor shower, you’re awesome! 😀 😀 🙂



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