11:43 – Documenting Chain of Events

This evening while walking to the post office and back enjoying an ice cream from Diary Queen (in the honor of my uncle’s birthday,) my mom said something interesting.

“The air out here feels like it did the two weeks before 9/11.”

…So, is that the source of the strange feeling then?

It certainly was an interesting observation. As she has also been experiencing the same weird feeling I’ve felt for a little while now. She then turned to me and said, “Do you remember that, or were you too young still?”

Truth is, I do remember it. I remember all of it.

In fact there were family, friends, and some of my dad’s closest memories tied to those buildings, and tied to New York.

I’d never seen him cry so much until that day, I still remember it like it happened only yesterday. My uncle if he hadn’t woken up late and missed his subway would’ve died in the first building where his office was.

It was a scary day, one that shook the country to it’s core.

The only question that now remains is, what is the feeling tied too now? What is the connection? What’s going to happen? The funny thing is, there’s no way too know.

My mom said she didn’t think anyone else knew what she was talking about, I knew, but none of my other siblings that are currently living with me  did. (My 14 year old sister was born in 2000 and only almost a year old and my other two siblings were born after the event.)

It had an almost ominous feeling. The air was stagnant and almost held a looming dread, it was almost like, dare I say it? It was almost like death was close by.

And while that might sound dramatic and spooky, it was true.

I just worry now, if something big happens again, or something BIGGER, what will be the reaction to a world already ravaged?

Stuff to think on I guess.

Until next time,



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